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Welcome to PetPal, where our pets are our love language. Starting as a wellness company for humans, we strived to provide the highest quality, functional supplements to support everyday health. Then we’d come home from work every day and receive the greatest gift there is on Earth – the love from our pets. As time went on, our pets weren’t getting any younger and it broke our hearts to see our little ones decline in health so quickly. We investigated every pet supplement we could get our hands on but found none we could trust. Our pets deserve the best and their health demands it - including nutrition that meets the same stringent standards as our own. We were bound and determined to give our pets the best shot in life with fresh ingredients and innovative formulas that would actually work. And thus, Petpal was created.  


Pet health is not something we’re ever willing to risk or compromise. From pure wild Alaskan salmon to superfood mushroom blends, each of our supplements is delicately made with fresh, recognizable ingredients and science-backed formulas for your peace of mind. You’ll always know exactly what your companion is getting, where it’s sourced, and how it’ll help their wellbeing. As confident as we are in our products, we also accept that we’re not perfect. We love partnering with our local veterinarians and nutritionists to ensure that everything we do aligns with our pet’s needs with an additional, unbiased seal of approval. 


Our salmon is harvested and processed in their natural habitat of clean Alaskan waters. It’s the only state with sustainable seafood regulations in its constitution that govern sustainability practices and complete traceability of ingredients. Through this method, we can ensure all of our fish have lived full and natural lives, and are also nutritiously rich with low contamination. No fish is caught for the sole purpose of making our products, but as a co-product for high quality seafood in human consumption.


As we do our best to provide health and happiness for out pets, there are still  many animals that experience neglect, abuse, unanswered issues of animal welfare and poor dietary health. We donate to local communities that share the same values we do for animal welfare. A portion of our proceeds are donated to help with their rescue efforts that aid in admitting and rehoming thousands of homeless pets each year.

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